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Legacy Contributions

Legacy contributions are arrangements to make a donation effective after the donor’s lifetime.   They often are part of your estate plan and have tax advantages.


Arranging for a legacy contribution can be as simple as naming the Share Fund as a beneficiary of an IRA, 401k, or paid-up life insurance policy.  


Most donors who make a legacy contribution do so within their Will or Trust.  These gifts can be for a specific amount, all or a portion of assets remaining after other bequests are made, or any other provision that meet your wishes.  Such gift can be designated for general purposes or for a particular program.


Donor Advised Funds and Lifetime Income Plans are contracts with an investment company or major charity that offer an immediate tax deduction, professional management of your assets and eventual donation to a charity you or someone you designate may choose.   Lifetime Income Plans include a guaranteed income during your lifetime.  Restrictions, fees, and  tax deduction limits apply.



A Share Fund representative familiar with the pros and cons of each of these methods is available to meet with you to answer any of questions about Legacy Contributions. 

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