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Before applying for assistance with

Housing or Utilities,

You must first contact CAP (603-435-2500) and Your local City Welfare Department. 

If there is still a need after using the above resources -

Please Apply with Sharefund Below

PLEASE NOTE: We have Suspended our AUTO-Assistance 

How can we help?

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you during our normal business hours

Contact the Sharefund Emergency Financial Assistance Office Directly at:


Eligibility Guidelines

We Serve New Hampshire Residents in

Rochester, E. Rochester, Gonic, Farmington, Wakefield& Somersworth

​We don't have specific income guidelines; instead, we review each

household's circumstances, resources, and needs individually.

We help with...

HOUSING NEEDS: (You must be listed on the Lease or Mortgage) 

  • Back Rent- one month or more behind and you have received an

        eviction notice or "Demand for Rent" letter 

  • Security Deposits- you have located an affordable unit in our

        service area and you have a copy of the lease or rental agreement

  • Mortgage Payments /Property Taxes- you have received a notice of pending foreclosure or property lien


BASIC UTILITIES:  (The Utility Bill must be in your name)

  • Electric Service- you received a disconnect notice or cannot make your budget plan payment

  • Unitil- you have received a disconnect notice or have a payment plan set up which you are unable to meet

  • Water/Sewer- you have received a disconnect notice 

  • Heating Assistance- you have applied for fuel assistance and were denied or did not receive sufficient assistance and you are out of heating fuel

  • Hot Water/Cooking- you are out of fuel for hot water or cooking


  • Medication- you need or have run out of needed medication and have a doctor's prescription or treatment plan and a written estimate from the provider of the cost of the medication

  • Medical Supplies/Equipment- you need a specific medical supply or equipment (such as crutches, brace, cane, vaporizer, etc) and you have a doctor's order/treatment plan and a written estimate of the cost

  • Medical Services- you have an emergency need for a medical service (such as a medical test, procedure, or treatment including drug treatment) and you have a doctor's order/treatment plan and a written estimate of the cost

  • Emergency Dental Needs- you need emergency dental care for an extraction, to replace a broken tooth or filling, or other emergency dental need and you have a written estimate of the cost of treatment

  • Emergency Eye Care- you need to obtain or replace eyeglasses, or have another emergency eye care need, and have a written estimate of the cost


  • Transportation is a vital need to ensure safety, employability, and access to services.  We also recognize that some folks even use their vehicle as their "home".  Should you need assistance with an urgent repair, need state inspection, or registration of your vehicle, please contact our office.  We work with a local reputable repair facility that will give an honest evaluation and estimate that they will share with us.  We will then review and consider assisting you in your needs.


Call or stop in to discuss your need.  We do require that you have accessed all other available resources (City Welfare, CAP) before receiving help from the SHARE Fund, as we are an emergency assistance program.

Sharefund Clothing


Community Clothing

and Thrift Shop

Food Donations


Gerry's Emergency Food Pantry

Community Diaper Bank


Community Diaper Bank

(603)-335-0011 (EXT 2001)
We'd Love to Hear from You!

All Program Services are Delivered at the Rochester Community Center

 150 Wakefield Street in Rochester, NH.

You may access one or all of the Sharefund programs, depending on your needs and situation. We also would be happy to refer you to other available resources as needed.

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